Travel lovers have been exploring the world with us for five decades

Day in, day out - we have been making medical travel insurance fairer since 1973. It's been quite the journey...

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Sometimes travel is the best tonic of all...

Medical conditions are a fact of life. But getting travel insurance when your medical records are anything less than spotless can be frustrating. Or expensive. (Sometimes both.) What if there was a better way of doing things? We give our policyholders freedom, flexibility and peace of mind - at a price that's fair. Because sometimes travel is the best tonic of all.

For you, for your family, for everyone!

We might be experts in medical travel insurance. But there's no pigeonholing around here. Wherever you go, whoever you're with, we aim to give you the right policy wherever possible. So you can explore the world with confidence - medical conditions or otherwise. Travel is for everyone. We want our policies to be the same.

Medial travel experts

What makes us experts in medical travel cover?

For starters, we know that a travel lover with a medical condition is still a travel lover. For many years our parent company - Rothwell & Towler - has pioneered ways to provide cover for travellers with existing medical conditions. And to make sure we do it at a price that's fair, we work with experienced insurers who fully understand medical risk. The result? We have helped hundreds of thousands of people travel with extra peace of mind - supported by thoughtful policy benefits like access to emergency medical assistance and cover for the loss of medication.

We've been around the block. (but not the Moon.)

The year was 1973. Dark Side Of The Moon was released. The Sydney Opera House opened. And our parent company Rothwell & Towler launched as a small family business. We have been working to improve standards in travel insurance ever since. And the family ethos remains to this day - one of care, compassion and respect. We like to think it's a different approach to insurance. That's exactly how we like it.

We help people travel the world.
From our little corner of Devon.

Over the years Rothwell & Towler has helped millions - literally millions - of travel lovers spread their wings with confidence. Since day one we have been based in Exeter with an in-house customer care team. Call us and you speak to someone friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Because robots don’t belong on the customer service desk. We are here when you need us.