Travel Insurance 4 Medical Reviews

If you have something to say about us, our policies or our customer service - good or bad - then we'd love to hear it. Why? Because it's the best way of staying on top of our game! Our aim is to offer the very best travel insurance policies for pre-existing medical conditions and customer service for people with medical conditions. So if there's something we are doing well, or not so well, we want to hear about it.

While Travel Insurance 4 Medical is a new brand, our parent company, Rothwell and Towler, is not. That means we've got more than 40 years of experience getting travel insurance cover for all kinds of people with all kinds of medical conditions, going to all kinds of places. Did you know, for example, that we were the first company to offer cover for people with HIV? In fact, in many cases we have been able to offer cover where none was previously available, have been able to cut the cost of our customers' travel insurance by hundreds of pounds or have been able to make the difference between our customers having holidays and staying at home!