Annual Travel Insurance

  • Money saving policies
  • Instant cover online
  • Up to £10m medical expenses
  • Medication cover
  • For people aged up to 75
  • Gadget cover available for travel essentials

Cover Benefits

Have you had trouble getting annual cover for your medical condition? Just because you have medical history - or travel with someone who has a medical condition - it shouldn't stop you. If you need to travel regularly, want to save money by covering all your trips with one policy or don't want the hassle of organising insurance every time you travel, we can help.

Here at Travel Insurance 4 Medical we offer a choice of Annual Multi Trip policies with a full range of benefits for people who have conditions to declare and for those who travel with them. We offer travel insurance for people who have heart conditions, who live with angina, have high cholesterol and even people who have DVT.

Our annual policies cover people up to age 75 and offer a maximum of £10million in emergency medical expenses as well as cover for lost medication and cover for your travel gadgets and essentials. They also include all the usual benefits like baggage, cancellation, missed departure and legal expenses. We also cover over 75 sports and activities for free, including golf and scuba diving.

So don't let your medical condition hold you back. We won't.


Q: Will I save money if I buy an annual policy rather than a single trip policy?

A: Yes, probably. It depends where you go and how often you go for. If you travel more than a couple of times a year then you will usually find it's cheaper. Also, it's less hassle as you only have to buy one policy annually.

Q: What if my condition changes throughout the year or I want to try a new sport?

A: It's no problem. Just let us know if anything changes and we can add amend or adjust your policy. In fact, it's vital that you do so we can make sure your cover won't be affected.