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Would you like to use your online presence to generate a little extra income? Whether you are a blogger, a vlogger or a social media sensation, promote Travel Insurance 4 Medical and you will earn 20% of every sale you help to make. It's easy!

Who Are We?

Medical conditions are a fact of life. But if you are well enough to travel, your medical history should never hold you back from enjoying a great holiday. Unfortunately not all travel insurers share our opinion. Some of our customers have conditions that are incredibly difficult to find cover for elsewhere, with insurers charging prohibitively high premiums - if they offer cover at all.

We do things differently. Customers aged up to 100 come to us to get the quality cover they need for their medical conditions. At a price that's fair. Of course you don't have to be living with a medical condition to benefit from Travel Insurance 4 Medical. We provide travel insurance for all kinds of people, going to all kinds of places. And our customers believe in our service. That's why we have an average customer TrustScore of 4.8 out of 5.*

You want to partner with a reputable business that's right for your brand.

We can help.

Who Are You?

If you think your readers could benefit from being introduced to a specialist provider of medical travel insurance, working with us is a no-brainer. No website? No problem. You can earn income from our affiliate program through your social media profiles or vlogging channel too. It's simple. You could be up and running within a matter of clicks.

What Do You Get Out Of Working With Us?

You work hard on your online presence. It's time it started working harder for you.

Our affiliate program helps you enhance the service you offer to your audience and add value to your online presence. Each time one of your visitors clicks a link from your website or social channels through to our website, we will place a unique cookie - linked to your account - on their device. If they go on to purchase travel insurance with us, you will receive 20% of the fee they paid for their policy. It soon adds up!

So now you can offer single trip travel policies, annual cover or medical travel insurance to your community. Or how about backpacker travel insurance, cruise cover or winter sports policies? We have many different types of travel insurance to choose from. Just pick what's best for you, your brand and your audience. Awin will do the rest.

Who, we hear you ask?

Awin are the experts who manage our affiliate program. They make sure every clickthrough and every sale is tracked. There's more. Neat reports show you precisely how much you are earning, how successfully the program is working out for you, and how you can optimise your channel to enhance your income. Sounds complicated? Don't worry. Everything you need is already set up for you.

Is The Affiliate Program Fair?

You bet. We wouldn't get very far otherwise. The 20% sales commission we provide is among the most generous in the insurance industry. And if a customer doesn't complete their order right away after clicking through from your website? That's okay. Awin stores a cookie on their device to help make sure you still get the money for your referral if your reader comes back to purchase later. You can read more about Awin's cookie policy on their website.

Ready To Get Started?

Getting started with Awin and Travel Insurance 4 Medical is easy. You can be up and running (and earning money) in just 15 minutes. And remember, each day you delay is potentially a day of lost revenue. What are you waiting for?

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*Correct at 27th November 2019. See our Trustpilot profile page for current rating.